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EM-CB-01 - Raum (C-44)

$7.00 AUD / Sold Out

EM-CB-01 - Raum (C-44)


Professionally duplicated cassette. ‘Composite Beings’ series. Cat. # EM-CB-01.

Limited to 30 copies only. No reissues. Each sale comes with a download code.

C-44 cassette in matte white with pad-print on Side A and professionally duplicated audio. White cassette case, printed heavy card for O Card (*o cards for the first ten copies only (sold out)), printed card for 5-panel J Card. Comes with download code, insert and sticker.

Raum Untitled (2019)

Side A: 21:12
Side B: 16:25

Raum is:
Rachael Archibald – Violin, Flute,
Dulcimer, Percussion, Sampler
Timothy Green – Violin, Dulcimer,
Guitar, Percussion, Sampler

Sound: Raum
Design: Essential Minerals

All Rights Reserved
℗ Raum, Essential Minerals 2019

Brisbane QLD Australia